Knowledge is power. So, understand what makes your customers tick. Know how to get them sliding along your sales funnel. Be a marketing hero.

We defy logic a little too often. We behave in strange ways that aren’t always predictable, and it’s the same for when anyone lands on your website. Users don’t always click where you want them to. They don’t follow your instructions. They don’t see that epic product tucked behind your sexy landing page. It can be frustrating.

You might have a website that has plenty of swagger and style, and you might have jaw-dropping images. But what if people can’t find what they’re looking for?

Or let’s assume you’ve got an all-out marketing campaign that’s dumped a megaton of users on your site. What if they bounce right off? Maybe you’ve got an e-commerce site, and your boss has told you that your sales target has to increase by another 10%, so the company hits target. You want that pay rise. You want that bonus. You need to get your site on fire.

Would it be cool if we had a bunch of tools that ensured the rest of your marketing activities weren’t for nothing? Tools that can monitor people. Understand their behaviour. And tweak your website regularly so that all the lines go up, the arrows go green, and your boss thinks you’re a legend.

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The best sports teams in the world use the theory of marginal gains. By making lots of small improvements, the overall enhancements make a team epic. Winners. And it’s the same with CRO. Our tools track your customers when they’re all over your website. Something spooks them, and they leave? We’ll nail the cause.

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